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"There is a long, no words are short", this sentence touches the usual heard, and then familiar with, thanks to the college entrance examination given, but also know that there are "something is short, no words are long" . At first listen, is very strange, have words to long, no words of natural short, how anti-is to be short, no words are long? Jiangsu college entrance essay topic this year, enough to convolute, saying that it is a bit of love philosophy teacher out of the subject? Haha, pure amusement! After laughing, I carefully pondering the subject, suddenly realized, "there is something short, no words are long", seemingly logical confusion, but in reality is listening to fresh, chewing a reasonable word ah!
Regardless of the other, for the time being to talk about those things the meeting! If you are already in office, there will always be moments of excitement for the meeting.
I often wonder, really have so many meetings to open it? Each unit, big and small, always a little thing, so the meeting is inevitable, which I agree. However, really need so many will be able to implement the spirit of the higher authorities in order to arrange the work of units? This point, I have reservations. According to my observation, some will be basically nothing, and some will be able to compress. Meetings of a number of time, really effective, the actual little pitiful.
If the leadership is willing to do "there is a long, no words are short", we do subordinates is to applaud the palm. Because there is "no words are short," the bedding, so, "there is something to be long," the moment, we must abide by the maintenance of compliance. So, the leadership of mutual respect and mutual respect, work and life of each other correct. More importantly, in the long run, we know that the meeting is really something, so, remember to put your ears to hear clearly, after the work can be done in time. On the contrary, there are more foam meeting doping during which people tired of tired, wasted time, loss of each other at the same time, is likely to miss the meeting was important to do - too many meetings will spawn The inertia and randomness of the congregation. This is a really understand the accounts, smart as a leader,
I think, as long as willing to reason a little rational, willing to put a little put, are can be done.

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